Be Gold Eyewear Design

Every pair of Be Gold is created with the utmost respect for material and process. Our frames are entirely handmade in Italy, with uncompromising attention to detail from design to craftsmanship.

Our conception of design focuses on beauty, art, status and traditions of the past, with reference to modernism. Our frames is handmade, patiently and lovingly made by the best craftsmen in Italy.

The design and production processes are based on a long-standing Italian tradition of precise handwork. This process includes Dozens different stages, until you get a finished product of excellent quality. Extensive and long experience in producing hand-made glasses by the best metal workers with a tradition of decades. The metal frames are plated with 24k pure gold. Our silver colored frames are plated with Palladium rotium.

Be Gold, lightweight, high-class, classic brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses. Pure gold plated (24 karat) and made of the finest quality metal you can find in your glasses. The gilded eyeglass frames serve as an elegant piece of jewelry, and the admirable sunglasses have a coating that provides the best protection for the eye.


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